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Our Muse: Chrissy Powers

Chrissy Powers in the Belmto Ellen DressChrissy Powers in the Belmto Ellen Dress

CITY: San Diego, ca

WEEKEND PLANS: beach, BBQ, home improvement projects, church, and then more beach.

DREAM: a trip to Paris during fashion week and a surf trip to Bali with my family. I have a major travel bug.

TUNES: John Prine, Iris dement, TED talk podcast, the Lumineers

EATS: strawberry spinach salad, veggie pizza, sushi, Thai food...I'm all over the map right now ha ha.

LOVE: Always love those that are hard to love, they need it the most.

BELMTO FAVORITES: the Ellen and Chloe dress 

Chrissy wears the Ellen Dress.

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 Chrissy is a mum to 2 boys, a photographer and married to a surfer. Her blog describe her parenthood and her photographs never fail to put a smile on my face (her 2 boys are so adorable!). There are so much to motherhood, seeing how Chrissy balances her work life and mum duties at the same time amazes me!

Love how Chrissy looks in our Ellen Dress by the beach, carrying her baby boy.