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Milk Silk Protein Fiber (environmentally friendly), the Harper Teal Dress

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Hey darlings! In our newest collection, we are over the moon to introduce the new material called milk silk protein fibre. Our Harper Teal Dress is made with the milk silk protein fibre. A fabric made of milk protein and silk. It's healthy to the skin, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Don't worry the dress doesn't smell like sour milk, haha!
To make milk protein fibre, milk is first dewatered and skimmed. With bio-engineering techniques applied, protein spinning fluid is obtained. Lastly, the fluid obtained is now suitable for the wet spinning process through which the final textile fiber is made. 

Milk protein fibre has passed the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 green certificate for international ecological textiles. During this eco-friendly technological process, a minimum amount of water is used, soil and other resources are conserved. Milk protein fibre contains 17 amino-acids and has the functions of nourishing and taking care of the skin. Leaving the skin more delicate and smooth. It is hygroscopic in nature; as such it absorbs moisture very well and lets your skin breath by regulating your thermal balance.

The dress is bump friendly and nursing friendly! Are you ready to fall in love with the Harper Teal Dress and enjoy the most comfy dress you will ever find?!