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Christmas And Holiday Gift Guide For 2016 Under $20

The sweet refreshing smell of pine lingering in the air invites in the Christmas season with a warm hearty embrace. With Christmas just round the corner, we are all looking for a present to impress without feeling a heartburn that will make you spend Christmas with a pinch. The joy and laughter we share with our loved ones while having an eggnog in hand is always the highlight of every Christmas. But what is priceless, is the eager look on the faces slowly unwrapping their present hoping that you hit the jackpot. It is not hard to tell when you hit the nail on the head, especially when you see that smile stretching from ear to ear, never waning. 

Eureka! You arrive at the thought of purchasing the gift that will never betray you, jewelry. Universal and bedazzling, it will capture the hearts of your love ones at under $20. A beautiful scarf is another great option,that will keep the thoughts of you close to your loved one. Feeling the warmth of your hug, every time they put it on.

Bar Studs, christmas gift under $20

1. Bar Studs, $11

Modern Hair Accessories Barrette, christmas gift under $20

2. Moon Barrette, $11.80

Modern Hair Accessories Barrette, christmas gift under $20

3. Triangle Barrette, $11.80

Coco Cuff, christmas gift under $20

4. Coco Cuff, $11.90

Arc Drop Earrings, christmas gift under $20

5. Arc Drop Earrings, $14.80

Modern Hair Accessories Twig Hair Pin, christmas gift under $20

6. Twig Hair Pin, $14.80

Celine Knot Cuff, christmas gift under $20

7. Knot Cuff, $15.50

Boho Navy Scarf, christmas gift under $20

8. Boho Navy Scarf, $15.60 

Boho Orange Scarf, christmas gift under $20

9. Boho Orange Scarf, $15.60  

Dainty Rings (set of 3), christmas gift under $20

10. Dainty Rings (set of 3), $15.95

Emma Necklace, christmas gift under $20

11. Emma Necklace, $16.30

Koko Necklace, christmas gift under $20

12. Koko Necklace, $16.30

Luna Cuff, christmas gift under $20

13. Luna Cuff, $18

Bar Bracelet, christmas gift under $20

14. Bar Bracelet, $18.30

Bar Necklace, christmas gift under $20

15. Bar Necklace, $18.50

Cube Necklace, christmas gift under $20

16. Cube Necklace, $18.80

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