Refreshing Saturday Morning, summer 22mm silk – Belmto


Refreshing Saturday Morning

On weekdays, our days are spent like a boring film stuck on replay, feeling jaded before it even begins. Weekends are the days we look forward to each week. Weekends are like a “getaway”, days that we get to take a break from our busy schedule.

The Refreshing Saturday Morning film, showed how I love spending my weekend mornings. Waking up early in the morning, heading to a café, slowly sipping a cup of cappuccino and spending time with my love. It is lovely to people watch, hear families chattering, laughter filling up the air, or doing the simplest thing like watching the clouds goes by…. (not shown in the film, but yes I love doing these little things).

Wearing the Plain Jane Top in the film. Café: Chye Seng Huat Hardware

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Hope you had a lovely Saturday!