Experience the difference with Belmto's premium silk


Experience the difference with Belmto's premium silk

Belmto makes the best silk blousesBelmto makes the best silk blouses

1. Know your silk, identify the difference

 The quality and value of silk is determined by its weight. Silk momme (mm), is the unit measurement of silk, describing the weight of 100 yards of fabric, 45 inches wide, in pounds. The higher the momme weight, the higher the opacity, durability and lustrousness. Generally high quality silk are those with a momme weight of 20mm or higher. Most fashion labels uses silk fabric 16mm or below, but we have taken it up a notch, using 22mm silk fabric for all Belmto pieces. Pricing may not always be a good indication of silk quality, before making your next purchase, be sure to check the momme weight. If there is no indication of momme weight, there is no sure way to determine the quality of silk. You may want to stay away from those!

2. Know your price

Company X retails a 22mm silk blouse for $135! Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Many companies love to leverage on the fact that they are using higher quality silk, to charge exorbitant prices. However, we do not feel comfortable overcharging our consumers, so we decided to make a first step, in the fashion industry by selling our Plain Jane Top at $79. We believe that everyone should own a quality piece, but at a fair price.

3. Have a hassle free experience, no dry cleaning required

Many are apprehensive when it comes to buying silk clothing, afraid of having to send them for expensive dry washing. With our silk pieces, you can cancel your next dry clean appointment. Our silk pieces are machine washable, without compromising its quality. Now, you can wash your silk clothing at your own comfort. Although dry cleaning is recommended, we have experimented with our pieces, placing them in washing machines for more than 20 cycles, and the quality is still maintained.