Our Muse: Viktoriya – Belmto


Our Muse: Viktoriya

Belmto ellen dress, silk essentialBelmto silk brooklyn top, beauty in whiteBelmto brooklyn top, white on whitewhite jacket over a white silk top, crepe de chineSS16 Silk essential, crepe de chine

CITY: Istanbul

WEEKEND PLANS: Work, visit birthday party and explore another part of my favorite city.

DREAM: Be always happy, healthy and in good mood) and maybe visit Disneyland one day)

TUNES: Normally like to work in silence, but sometime turning on favorite Metro Fm.

READS: Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle

EATS: Avocado toast: it's so cliche, but this thing is incredibly tasteful!

LOVE: Good movie at home!

BELMTO FAVORITES: Definitely Brooklyn Top!

Viktoriya wears the Brooklyn Top.

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Spring is here and the weather is starting to get a little warmer, it will be a good break before we start experiencing the chilly winter again. It is time we shed those heavy winter coats and put on something lighter. We were really lucky to find Viktoriya’s Instagram. It was love at first sight, we truly adore Viktoriya’s fashion sense and photos.

She looks flawless coordinating our Brooklyn Top with her jewellery, jacket and jeans. Her fair skin compliments the outfit perfectly, making her gold jewellery really stand out. Looking bold and confident, she definitely embodies the uptown spirit!